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Seattle seahawks star players, Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), and the team signed a four-year contract of $57.4 million, making him the NFL top Angle, and his cheap jerseys are best sales.


Sherman Wednesday released on his own twitter and cheap NFL jerseys blogs and the news of his contract, he said had $40 million in the contract is guaranteed.


New contract makes Sherman's average annual salary of more than $14 million, after the NFL top Angle who is the New England patriots Darrell - ray weiss, an average annual salary of $12 million.


"My goal has always been to stay in Seattle and serve the seahawks," Sherman wrote on his cheap jerseys blog. "Now we have completed the contract, I will be able to focus on helping the team title and become one of the best Angle of the NFL."


Seahawks second-line defensive now have two big cheap football jerseys star and the team contract, security guard earl - Thomas and the team last week signed a $40 million contract, 4 years to become the top security guard in the league.


Sherman, 26, with eight stolen leading the league last season, is the seahawks from one of the most important contributor to the super bowl with cheap jerseys. Since entered the union in 2011, his 20 times steals and 60 times damage passes the first in the league, but he just graduated from Stanford university in the fifth round of talent.